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Our History

In 2002, David Foster, then CEO and president of Galton Technologies (currently president of Caveon), invited a cross section of IT certification industry representatives who were either already delivering or had indicated an interest in delivering performance tests to a two-day performance testing summit. The purpose of the meeting was to talk about ways to improve quality and increase validity of performance-based IT certification tests and thus to add value to certification tests throughout the industry.

Coming Together

On 14 and 15 March 2002, this invited group met in Park City, Utah. After identifying several areas that the group believed constituted barriers to developing good performance tests, they began brainstorming ideas to overcome the barriers and advocate widespread acceptance of demonstrably valid testing, including performance testing. During those two days, the group created a list of barriers spread across some 18 categories of test design, development and administration.

Share Best Practices

by creating a library of best practices in the field of performance testing available on the web site.

Define and Drive Research

that will address the major open issues of performance testing.

Develop Common Delivery Standards

for required resources, data transmission, and file formats.

Expand the Marketplace

allowing vendors and suppliers to showcase performance testing tools and services.

Provide Resources

 that allow developers, item writers, and managers to learn from experts in the field of performance testing.

Identify, develop and support evaluation

of Performance Testing tools, metrics, and resources.

Define and Drive Research

that will address the major open issues of performance testing.

Encourage and support development

of a theoretical base for Performance Testing.

Expand the Marketplace

allowing vendors and suppliers to showcase performance testing tools and services.

Evangelize and educate stakeholders

 in advantages, value, and appropriate use of Performance Testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most answers to common questions can be found below. If you do not find the answer to your question feel free to reach out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Board of Directors

The Performance Testing Council Board of Directors is elected by the membership and consists of seven members. The Executive Director is an Ex Officio member. The Board meets each month and at each Summit meeting.

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Marketing and Communications

The charter of the Marketing and Communications committee is to promote performance testing to the corporate public and generate new memberships.

Design and Delivery

The charter for the Design and Delivery Committee is to build and share with our valued members a knowledge base of performance test design, content development process, and delivery of the performance tests, thus making the performance testing adoption easier.

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The charter for the Psychometrics Committee is to investigate new measures for test and item evaluation and to plan and execute studies on performance test effectiveness. 

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One of the delights of doing a tough job is sharing with others how you did it. There are plenty of people who would love to hear how you overcame obstacles to create your performance test. Tell us how you did it by presenting in one of our short webinars.

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The PTC hosts numerous events throughout the year, from webinars to bi-annual Summits. Someone likely has already tackled the very issue you’re experiencing now. Come learn, share, and network with some of the best minds working in the field

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