The Performance Testing Council is a non-profit consortium dedicated to innovation in the design, development, and delivery of performance testing of people’s skills. We share our experiences, knowledge, and passion in the practice of performance testing and help each other’s testing efforts. Join us!

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What is Performance Testing?

Here’s a simple example:

When a new driver gets their license for the first time, they must first pass two tests. One is written. One is performance. The written test requires no practical application. Only a basic knowledge of the rules of the road. Performance, however, requires them to get behind the wheel of an actual car and show they are proficient. If forced to choose between the two, most people would prefer drivers be tested on their actual skills on the road.

This is the basis by which we measure the value of a test—that it accurately measures what it is supposed to measure.

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How Can Performance Testing Council Help Me?

The answer: It depends on who you are. No matter if you are an organization new to Performance Testing Council or if you are currently using our assessments and resources, Performance Testing Council is equipped to help you achieve your testing goals.


Less Than 15,000 Employees

As a small organization, each employee’s skill level directly impacts the company’s workflow. Here’s how PTC can help ensure you hire the most qualified candidates:

  • Ensure marketplace credibility
  • Guarantee work candidates are competent.
  • Enable adoption of our platform.
  • Eliminate the possibility of hiring a “Paper Tiger” – someone who is good at taking tests without having proven skills.


More Than 15,000 Employees

In a large organization with many moving parts, it is imperative to make sure your employees have the right skills to carry out tasks. Here’s how PTC can help:

  • Provide comprehensive, hands-on tests rather than just written, multiple choice tests
  • Higher fidelity means more authentic evaluation of skill
  • Resolve technology challenges/issues
  • Measure a higher element of being able to apply, analyze, and design at the highest level


As a vendor, PTC offers a wide network of members and organizations using performance based testing. Here’s how we can help you:

  • Communication with clients/prospects
  • Opportunity to learn more
  • Networking
  • Education
  • Lead generation

Recently Uploaded Resources

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