What is Performance Testing?

Got your answer?  Good.


Pretty simple, isn’t it?  When it comes to safety, most people would prefer that the other drivers have passed a driving test – a performance test that requires them to demonstrate their skills at actually driving.  


A performance test is simply this: an assessment which includes a demonstration that a person can do what you want them to be able to do.  This is the basis of any valid test: that it accurately measures what it it supposed to measure.  


That performance tests exist is also a recognition that just because someone knows what to do, they may not actually be able to do it.  You may have heard of “paper certifications,” where a candidate has passed a selected-response test but cannot really do the job.  A well-designed, secure performance test obviates the “paper certification” problem. 

If drivers could only take one driving test, which one of the tests below would you prefer that all the other drivers on the road take?

A Written Test
A Driving Test

Let’s start talking about performance testing with a simple example.  If you haven’t already, please answer this question: