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A Case for Challenge-centric Learning: Building Confident and Capable User Communities
About the Presenter

Presented by Frank Gartland, Learn on Demand Systems

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As the global skills gap widens, organizations recognize the need for better ways to train customers, partners and employees than just the traditional modalities. Concurrently, the certification industry continues to develop new methods to validate skill mastery. Both groups have discovered the ability to scale hands-on experiences is a strategic component of where they need to go.


For training programs, the concept of “challenge-centric learning” offers learners the opportunity to build competence and confidence as they “learn by doing.” As they’re presented with scenario-based problems to solve and encounter “desirable difficulties” during the process, learners fail fast and fail forward as they build validated, practical skills along an accelerated learning journey.


For the certification industry, “Performance-based Testing (PBT)” simplifies exam creation while increasing integrity in the certification. Essentially, test-takers are asked, “if you know it, prove it.” If they configure things correctly, they pass. If not, they don’t.


Join Frank Gartland, Chief Product Officer of Learn on Demand Systems, to learn why and how your organization can adopt a challenge-centric learning mindset. This methodology has been applied successfully across many technology stacks and scenarios – and it’s revolutionizing the way the training and certification industries are preparing and validating more competent and confident people.

Frank Gartland

As Chief Product Officer at Learn on Demand Systems, Frank Gartland oversees the transformation training through challenge-centric learning and hands-on skill development and validation. Frank challenges teams, partners and customers to create better methods to scale learning. He thrives on helping people reach their potential and loves building businesses that enable people to make a positive impact.

Prior to joining Learn on Demand Systems, Frank was CEO of Veeya, a managed service provider focused on serving K-12 with technology as a service, where subscription revenues increased more than 300% during his tenure. Frank has been innovating with virtual classroom technologies and content since 1999 when his team first delivered fully online, instructor-led training for Cisco, Microsoft, EMC and others. As Vice President of Products with iLinc, Frank led the transformation of the virtual classroom system used by Global Knowledge, and more than 2,700 others, and he led Microsoft Virtual Academy to become an international learning community. Frank lives in Arizona with his wife and four kids and says he could always play more golf. 

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