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When Does a Program Need Psychometric Input?

Presented by Dr. Ellen Julian

About the Presenter

Dr. Ellen Julian became fascinated by tests in the second grade and has been trying to figure them out ever since. Trained as a psychometrician, she has decades’ experience leading high-stakes testing programs. Three years ago, she struck out on her own as a consultant and as the Testing Matchmaker, helping testing programs find the right consultant for the task at hand. As a former President and current Board member of the PTC, Ellen enjoys helping PTC members understand the psychometric implications of their test design and development choices.

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Psychometricians are scarce and expensive, come in a variety of flavors, and sometimes are hard to understand. Many of their analyses they perform can be run by anybody quantitatively-savvy, so when does their unique training and perspective really matter? What does the “art of psychometrics” add to what Data Science can provide?


We will talk about the role of psychometricians in:

  • Job analyses and content outline development

  • Test design

  • Scoring design, including weighting

  • Determining passing standards

  • Test performance monitoring

  • Item and test analyses

  • Accreditation applications

  • Report development

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