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Reduce exam development costs without compromising quality
Automate what’s routine to concentrate on what’s meaningful
About the Presenter

Presented by Alan Mead, PhD, Certiverse

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP)… Chances are you’ve heard these terms and have a basic understanding of what they are, but how are they applicable to your world, i.e., the testing industry.


In many companies, leaders are urging their senior staff to employ these technologies in an effort to “work smarter” and reduce costs. But can these innovations really replace the human factor when it comes to the kind of complicated, higher-order thinking required for psychometrically valid test development?


The answer is a qualified “yes”: ML, NLP, automation and other elements of what’s often lumped together as “AI” can significantly streamline the work processes involved in test development. But AI as a cure-all is overhyped and expensive. Test sponsors must understand how best to deploy AI to maximize ROI. For example, AI can’t replace experienced test development professionals, but it can make them more productive.


In this webinar, we’ll take a closer look at these technologies and how they are currently being used to greatly expedite the exam development process for traditional multiple-choice exams. We’ll focus on the application of these technologies in the job task analysis and exam blueprint stages of the process, as well as engage the audience in a discussion around whether these innovations could be applied to developing content for performance-based tests. We’ll guide participants through the following topics:


  • What exactly is “AI”? (And just as important: What is AI not!) 

  • A model for adopting AI, as well as an example of machine learning

  • Applying AI to the JTA

  • Opportunities for applying AI to exam blueprints (focusing on automation/augmentation)

  • Applying AI to developing content—performance tasks, case studies, and items (learn from your PBT peers)

  • Q&A

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Alan Mead, PhD

As a psychometrician, AI researcher, and science and technology expert, Alan’s deep experience in organizational effectiveness and psychometric methodology and data guide our platform and processes. His research in natural language processing is applied throughout the Certiverse system.

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