Free Webinar Thursday July 13th at 12:00pm (central time)

Microsoft’s Accessibility Journey: Putting the Candidate at the Center

Presented by

Don Tanedo, Liberty Munson (Microsoft)


Pat Hughes (Internet Testing Systems)

Microsoft is on a journey to create more delightful exam experiences, putting the candidate at the heart of every decision that is made about how we deliver our exams. By taking this focus, we are moving beyond what is strictly required by the law. While following WCAG standards is important, our focus on the candidate has not only led to more accessible exams, it has led to some surprising insights that are driving inclusivity and innovation in unexpected places. During this session, we will discuss our journey, what we have learned along the way, including best practices, tips, and tricks that you can use as you embark on your own accessibility journey, and where we go from here.

About the Presenters
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Don Tanedo

Senior Content Project Manager, Microsoft

Don Tanedo is a Senior Content Project Manager for Microsoft's Worldwide Learning organization. In his current role, he touches on various areas of development and delivery of certification exams, including authoring and publishing tools, processes, and performance-based testing. Has more than 20 years of combined experience in content development of technical training and certification testing.

Liberty Munson

Director of Psychometrics, Microsoft

Liberty Munson is the Director of Psychometrics for the Microsoft Worldwide Learning organization and is responsible for ensuring that the assessments used to evaluate skills in the Microsoft Technical Certification program are valid and reliable measures of the content areas that they are intended to measure. She is considered a thought leader in the certification industry, especially in areas related to how technology can fundamentally change our approach to assessment design, development, delivery, and sustainment, and has proposed many innovative ideas related to the future of certification.

Pat Hughes

Program Manager, Internet Testing Systems


Pat is an experienced Program Manager who joined Internet Testing Systems in 2014. He partners with and advises IT certification exam sponsors on a variety of topics including item banking, test delivery, security, performance-based testing, and accessibility. Pat has previously presented to the assessment industry at Innovations in Testing, the IT Certification Council, and the Performance Testing Council.

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