Members-Only Coffee Talk ▪ Wednesday Aug 31st at 11:30am CT

PTC Coffee Talk: Your Accessibility Journey
About the Facilitator

Facilitated by Andreea Neagu of Skillable

Last month, Microsoft shared with us how their accessibility journey has evolved the way they deliver performance testing. In that session, we learned a lot about how accessible testing can have a major impact, from learner experience to reliable data.

Let’s continue the conversation in our Coffee Talk session where our host, Andreea Neagu, Instructional Design Manager at Skillable, will guide us through what we’ve learned, why it’s so important to continue to push for broad accessibility in performance testing, and how to take the first steps in your own accessibility journey. With around 15% of the world’s population - 1 billion people - living with a disability, it’s on each of us to strive or accessible performance testing experiences from the get-go.

This session is an opportunity to explore the concept of accessibility with your peers, so come prepared with your own topics and questions that apply to the theme.

Performance Testing Council members who wish to participate should register by 12pm CT Tuesday 8/30.

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Andreea Neagu

Andreea Neagu is the Instructional Design Manager at Skillable and leads a team of instructional designers focused on custom content development. She acts as a trusted advisor to Skillable’s customers and partners in designing engaging learning experiences. With 17 years of experience in Learning & Development, Andreea strives to integrate accessibility as a core feature of Skillable’s training products.

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