Members-Only Coffee Talk ▪ Thursday Dec 2nd at 12:00pm CT

Continuing the Conversation: PTC Summit  and Beyond​
About the Facilitator

Facilitated by Maurilio Gorito of Certiverse

During the recent Fall Performance Testing Council Summit, attendees engaged in some of the most stimulating and enlightening conversations on performance-based testing. As is normally the case, such dialogue is limited by time allotments of the Summit program. So, we wish to provide an opportunity to continue the conversation! Whether you attended the Summit or simply wish to take part in a thought-provoking conversation on performance-based testing, join us! We will cover such topics as: standard setting; psychometrics, reliability and fairness; automatic item generation; virtual reality; and more.

Performance Testing Council members who wish to participate should register by 5pm ET Wednesday 12/1.


Invitation links will be sent to registered members by the morning of Thursday 12/2. 

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Maurilio Gorito

Maurilio Gorito is the Customer Advocacy Advisor at Certiverse. Maurilio has also served on the Board of Directors of the PTC. Maurilio has expertise in creating and structuring certification programs from the ground up and is passionate with testing and assessment, especially performance-based testing and Psychometrics. Maurilio holds bachelors degrees in Education, Pedagogy and Mathematics from Centro Universitario Geraldo Di Biasi, Brazil.


Maurilio has 30 years experience in the IT field and more than 25 years combined experience in Education, Testing and Assessment. He has served as a Sr. Manager of Certification Programs at Palo Alto Networks, Director of Global Certification Programs at Pure Storage, lead and structured certification programs as Certification Manager for Riverbed Technology and managed the CCIE Routing and Switching Certification Program for Cisco.

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