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Director and President

Maurilio Gorito is an Educational Researcher and Credentialing Specialist. He is currently serving as Customer Advocacy Advisor at Certiverse. Maurilio has also served on the Board of Directors of the PTC for more than a decade. Maurilio has expertise in creating and structuring certification programs from the ground up and is passionate with testing and assessment, especially performance-based testing and Psychometrics. Maurilio holds bachelor’s degrees in education, Pedagogy and Mathematics from Centro Universitario Geraldo Di Biasi, Brazil, and graduate certificate in Educational Research Methodology from University of Illinois Chicago, United States.


Maurilio has 30+ years of experience in the IT field and more than 26 years combined experience in Education, Testing and Assessment, and built and structured certification programs. He has served as Head of Certification Programs at Palo Alto Networks, Director of Global Certification Programs at Pure Storage, Certification Manager at Riverbed Technology and managed the CCIE Routing and Switching Certification Program for Cisco.

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Director and Vice President

Kpayah Tamba has 15+ years of experience designing and developing traditional and performance-based certification exams, as well as managing global certification teams. He has led certification teams at Citrix and AppDynamics. He is currently responsible for expanding and deepening Okta’s certification programs. Kpayah is active in the credentialing industry. He is a former President of the Performance Testing Council (PTC) Board of Directors. Kpayah studied Electronics Engineering, Computer Information Systems, and Information Security. He’s also a former Visiting Professor at DeVry University and a former Adjunct Professor at Broward College. Kpayah lives and works full time out of his home office in Prosper, TX.

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Director and Treasurer

Greg Applegate, PhD, MBA is the Chief Science Officer for the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians where he spends his time trying to perfect entry level certification examinations and encouraging EMS research.

Greg began his post military career as a high school teacher and became interested and concerned about testing with the implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act. Unable to find answers from his administrators, Greg began working with psychometric faculty, eventually leaving secondary teaching to pursue a graduate degree in educational psychology. He found some of his answers while in graduate school (and a great many more questions) and has made it his life’s work to create examinations that are valid, reliable, and fair, and to ensure the results are used responsibly.

Greg has worked on a wide range of projects including serving on the Institute of Credentialing Excellence’s accreditation guidelines review committee, the linguistic and cultural translation of a certification examination, developing technology enhanced items, developing a clinical judgment performance examination, and launching live remote proctoring. In addition to examination issues, Greg maintains his passion for education by researching and presenting on effective and efficient teaching and learning.

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Director and Secretary

Catharine Cooper has previously served  on the Board of Directors for the PTC, previously as Chair, and most recently as Marketing Chair in 2020.


Catharine has served in several capacities during her career in the certification, training and testing industries.  She has been at Pearson VUE since 2001 and held positions in Account Management, Strategic Alliances, IT Client Marketing Management, Test Center Operations and Business Development.


Currently, Catharine is serving as a Business Development Manager for Pearson VUE’s Growth Services, a program aimed to drive certification in the IT Industry and support initiatives to close the IT Skills gap.

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Katie O’Zey is Director of Content Services at Skillable, where she has the opportunity to influence
performance needs for customers across many industries. Katie has an extensive, 15-year background in
instructional design and learning development and has spent many years helping learning organizations
find value in performance testing and assessment.

In her experience, Katie has seen a wide variety of approaches – some good and others in dire need of a
revamp. With each customer project, she strives to improve the validity and reliability of assessment to
reflect on the needs of learners and the business.

When she isn’t busy supporting an excellent learning development team, Katie spends her days reading
and enjoying nature with her husband, David and her dog, Mochi.

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Mihaiela R. Gugiu, PhD, is the Director of Psychometrics and Analytics at the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. She oversees the development and validation of examinations and is a member of the organization’s Diversity & Inclusion Task Force. Mihaiela is an active member in the credentialing community and contributes to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in the testing industry via peer reviewed publications and conference presentations. She is passionate about using modern psychometric methods to advance the testing industry in a fair and equitable manner.

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Vincent has guided numerous programs through the test-development process and accreditation by ANSI under certificate or personnel-certification standards. He was instrumental in developing the process for efficiently creating, reviewing, pilot testing, and scoring performance-based item sets for the Uniform CPA Exam. He served for five years as an assessment specialist at the Educational Testing Service, writing multiple-choice items for the GRE and GMAT. Outside the testing industry, he has worked as a newspaper and journal editor.


Vincent serves as director of test development at Authentic Testing Corporation, providing psychometric and test-development support to several test sponsors.

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Executive Director

Marcus Bolton, Ph.D. is a survey and assessment professional with over 15 years of industry experience. Marcus has worked in a number of testing-related capacities including but not limited to an assessment consultant and management consultant. Within his most recent role as testing manager, Marcus oversaw testing operations for one of Southern California’s largest employers—driving various industry innovations within the selection space.


When not overseeing surveys and assessments, Marcus enjoys jiu jitsu, traveling, and spending time in nature.