Our Vision

The Performance Testing Council is a non-profit consortium dedicated to innovation in the design, development, and delivery of performance testing. We share our experiences, knowledge, and yes, passion in the practice of performance testing and help each others’ testing efforts.  

Our Mission is to:

Identify, develop and support evaluation of Performance Testing tools, metrics, and resources.

Encourage and support development of a theoretical base for Performance Testing.

Evangelize and educate stakeholders in advantages, value, and appropriate use of Performance Testing.

Our Goals

Share Best Practices by creating an indexed list of best practices in the field of performance testing.


Establish Common Delivery Standards for required resources, data transmission, and file formats enabling a single test source to be delivered by multiple vendors.


Learn from Experts by having access to materials that introduce authors, item writers, and managers to the field of performance testing.


Define and Drive Research that will resolve the major open issues of performance testing.


Expand the Marketplace allowing vendors and suppliers to showcase performance testing tools and services for our members.

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